Variable configuration stereo head system
8th January 2004

OMC have produced a lightweight stereo head system that is rigid and thermally stable for use in a wide variety of applications. The system is comprised of a carbon fibre tubes with an adjustable camera mount on each end. The angle of the camera is held rigidly by the use of interlocking teeth. The camera mount can be made of Invar for the maximum thermal stability under varying temperatures. The development of the product was undertaken in collaboration with Rolls Royce, BAe Systems and Airbus for robotic measurement applications and general shop floor use.

Typically OMC will work with a client to integrate the head into a given situation but the system can be supplied on its own. OMC has a number of proprietary schemes that make camera calibration (lens distortion and camera exterior orientation) relatively simple.

OMC Stereo Head Product Guide (PDF 190KB)


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