Product Selection

OMC provides a product selection assistance service for non-contact distance measurement techniques. The devices in our database can vary from tens of metres to a few microns in range while the speed of measurement may be as fast at 500 thousand per second. The techniques may measure in one dimension only or provide a full 3-D measurement capability. The methods available vary from those using light to sound, from interference and time of flight to triangulation. An instrument costs vary considerably from a few pounds to many thousand pounds.

bulletWhy ask OMC to recommend a product for you?

There are usually many measurement techniques that you might use to solve a particular problem and many different manufacturers offering what appear to be similar products. However, each technique will vary in its good and bad points and there are often differences in the sensors used between manufacturers. OMC have the experience and knowledge of this specialist area that is is necessary to make an informed choice. This process minimises the risk to your company of making the wrong choice.

bulletHow does OMC provide the service?

The first step is to encourage you to write a description of the problem and a specification for the measurement process. This specification may be refined in discussion. We will then conduct a survey of measurement techniques suitable for your application and when necessary discuss the application with the manufacturer. We would then write a report giving the available options with recommendations regarding the preferred technique and supplier. In addition we would supply tutorial guides to the techniques in question and provide some manufacturer specific details.

bulletHow long does it take to provide the report?

Between three and six weeks depending on the urgency and whether the application is standard or unusual


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