Tutorial Course

A short course on camera calibration can be provided on site for companies or at the centre dependent upon sufficient demand. The syllabus for the short course would involve topics such as:


Introduction to camera calibration


Definition of the standard model for lens distortion

Principal point

Principal distance

Camera position and orientation

Radial distortion

Tangential distortion

A model for camera calibration

Zoom lenses

Radiometric aspects

Photographic film

Selection of the appropriate models

Image sensor and processing

Overview of sensor characteristics

Error sources in the image collection process

Methods of camera calibration

Calibration of lenses at infinity focus


Multi-collimator arrays

Stellar calibration method

Field calibration method

Methods of locating the principal point

Autocollimation methods for aerial cameras

Autocollimation methods for CCD cameras

Determination of the principal point by analytical methods

Laboratory and test ranges for calibration at finite focal distances

On the job calibration

Self calibration

Analytical plumb line calibration

Camera calibration case studies


Hands on experience with practical cameras usually complements the tutorial



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