OMC Profiling System Enhancements
(23rd December 2003)

OMC are pleased to announce a number of enhancements to the OMC profiler system and its software: 


Family of sensor heads to fit generic body design (124KB PDF)

The design of the original LP 15/50 profiler has been revised to enable a variety of measurement heads to be factory fitted to a universal body. This allows the user to select a specific measurement range and accuracy for a given application. For instance a 50 mm range measurement head might be selected with an accuracy of up to 0.04 mm for diffusely reflective surfaces. 


Enhanced pipe analysis software (1.17MB PDF)

For those who are involved in pipe applications OMC are in the process of developing some enhanced software for analyzing pipe profile data. Typical operations that will be possible with the new software are:

- Fitting polynomial curves to profiles 
- Improved visualization of profile deviations from circularity
- Two pipe joint mismatch analysis
- Pipe end sorting
- Optimum rotation angle estimation for best pipe fitting


Demonstration of scanning capability (3.29 MB PDF)

The OMC profiler is not just a good cross-section analysis tool, it is also a highly capable scanning tool that can be used to create maps of surfaces to detect: pitting, corrosion, cavitation, wear, gouging, dents, buckles, corrugations, weld shape and many other features. This short document gives some examples of the type of information that can be collected.


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