OMC Laser Profiler 15/50
The OMC Laser Profiler 15/50 provides a new resource for those who need to take measurements of internal structures such as pipes and manufactured components. The portable system is able to take more than a thousand distance and angle measurements in la few seconds to create a comprehensive profile.

The system has been used in the: -
bullet oil and gas industry to measure the shape of pipes.
bullet water and waste industry to measure brick, clay, plastic pipes and epoxy linings thicknesses.
bullet military area to measure concrete cavities.
OMC specialises in the internal profiling of large and small structures from railway tunnels to small pipes.

 We also supply a measurement service together with consultancy to assist in the analysis and manipulation of profile data.

bulletBrochure (473KB PDF)
bulletPress Release
bulletProfiler Project (526KB PDF)
bulletTechnip Experience (472KB PDF)
bulletSensor Family (123KB PDF)
bulletPipe analysis software (1.17MB PDF)
bulletScanning functionality (3.29MB PDF)

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